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Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves by Deviated Instinct

Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves

European limited edition release due out June 10th, 2012.

Available now via BandCamp

Their first new studio release in over 22 years.

This limited 4 track 12" EP is pressed onto audiophile 180gm black vinyl @ 45rpm for a full fat sound.
In keeping with the heavier black vinyl the artwork has been slightly 'remixed' to give the sleeve a darker, more foreboding aura.

Includes a download card for high quality MP3 320kbps or Lossless FLAC files with full release artwork and booklet/lyrics.
Download also includes a track from the same recording session for the split 7" with Summon the Crows available on Nakkeskudd Plater, PLUS a special bonus track.

This is a limited first pressing of 300 with a hand assembled sleeve and 8 page 7x7 booklet.

Track listing:

  1. Blunt Instrument
  2. Architect Of Misery
  3. Thorn In Your Flesh
  4. Blandscape Slavebait
  5. End Times *
  6. Judas Cancer *

* Bonus download tracks

Also available from Nakkeskudd Plater

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