Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves by Deviated Instinct

FILTH-001 | Released June 10th, 2012.

European limited edition first pressing of 300, now sold out

Track listing:

  1. Blunt Instrument
  2. Architect Of Misery
  3. Thorn In Your Flesh
  4. Blandscape Slavebait
  5. End Times *
  6. Judas Cancer *

* Bonus download tracks

The bands first studio release in over 22 years.

This limited 4 track 12" EP pressed onto heavy 180gm black vinyl with a hand assembled sleeve and 8 page 7"x 7" booklet.

In keeping with the heavier black vinyl the artwork has been slightly 'remixed' to give the sleeve a darker, more foreboding aura.

Digital version also available.